Our Story

 our story


La Rossi Pizza is a frozen pizza company founded by food & hospitality entrepreneur Martina Rossi Kenworthy (Gustiamo, Slow Food New York City). Martina has over two decades of expertise across sustainable sourcing, communications, food technology, healthy food access and education. Born in Bologna, Italy, Martina has spent her life between Italy and the United States - and La Rossi Pizza represents the best of these two cultures. She has been an early advocate for fostering better, healthier eating while promoting food producers who work with the utmost integrity and with respect to people and the environment. La Rossi Pizza is her newest venture, with the intention of bringing a sustainable, local, quality frozen pizza to more people.


We are thrilled to share our pizza—and our story—with you.  The foundation of La Rossi Pizza is the belief that sharing good food with friends and family is an act of love. We believe in the power of food to bring people together and strengthen community. Our pizza recipe was born out of countless nights at the dinner table, laughing, drinking, and sharing meals with the people dear to us. Now, we are excited for you to do the same with one of our local and sustainably sourced pizzas on your plate.


We use Italian expertise & technology to preserve the pizza's integrity from when the dough is shaped to the moment it comes out of your oven.  Add a marinated artichoke, a roasted pepper, a glass of wine (or two!)  Use our pizza the way we do—a vehicle for an honest, warm meal. A gesture of generosity.  A symbol of what we can offer one another.